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About PT. Impact Power Mandiri

PT. Impact Power Mandiri is a corporation that works on shopper marketing services. We provide you services such as outsorcing, sales consultant, employee training, branding, production and product sampling.

Our team has background in sales and marketing, therefore we understand well what is your company needs and we are also able to support your company’s performance. Now we are currently in a corporate partnership with some National and International company.

For us, Human Resources is a company’s most important value. Through PT. Impact Power Mandiri we are able to facilitate your company by providing you a good quality of human resources.

Our Vision

PT. Impact Power Mandiri becoming the bench mark of outsorcing company and shopper marketing services.

Our Mission

  1. Providing inovation and development for every available service.
  2. Developing by quality employee training.
  3. Providing competent and experienced human resources in each of their respectful division.

Our Leader

Two Experts In One Vision

Area Coverage

Cross Network Indonesia Coverage Area

Head Office

Tol Boulevard Business Centre Blok B/30 BSD, Tangerang Selatan
Phone : 021-53158064

Mobile : 0811-1717-660

Email : marketing@impactpower.id


Jl. Haji Ismail No. 31, Taman Cilandak, Cilandak, Kota Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta 12430

Mobile : 0822-3126-2508


Jl. Anggrek No. 210 Perumnas Condong

Mobile : 0822-3819-1158

Email : veronicanugraheni@gmail.com


Jl. Letnan Jenderal S. Parman No 76, Lempongsari, Gajahmungkur, Jawa tengah 50232

Mobile : 0813-9003-2909

Email : herminaagusty@yahoo.co.id


Ruko Green Sulfat Kav 7 Simpang LA Sucipto Kel. Pandan Wangi Blimbing Malang

Mobile : 0822-3123-1257

Email : yulia.impact@gmail.com


Jl. Pucang Anom Timur 2 No. 16

Mobile : 0857-4999-0979

Email : picjatim.impact@gmail.com


Jl. Teuku Umar Gg. Maruti No. 3 Denpasar

Mobile : 0812-5367-4083

Email : astitiwindari02@gmail.com


Jl. Mayjen Soetoyo RT 03 no. 26 Gunung Malang Hayat

Mobile : 0878-0940-7169

Email : bddebpn.impact@gmail.com


Jl. Monument emy saelan no. 15 (Depan Mesjid Nurul Hayat)

Mobile : 0895-1549-4123

Email : hsuryadi1972@gmail.com


Jl. Gaperta Ujung Komplek Givency One Blok B No. 6

Mobile : 0853-7378-6362

Email : chandra.2584kirana@gmail.com


Jl. Pinang No. 16 Pekanbaru

Mobile : 0852-6369-8777

Email : ramaputraafzan@gmail.com


Jl. Tj Pinang Komp. Perum DPRD No. 01 RT 31/007 Bukit Sangkal Kalidono Tj Sari

Mobile : 0812-7171-7836

Email : nuritaprima1@gmail.com


Jl. Mataram No. 32 Enggal Bandar Lampung

Mobile : 0896-3216-5007

Email : aieainun_bandarlampung@yahoo.com


Komplek Parakan Jl. Parakan Elok No 31 Batununggal, Bandung Kidul Kota Bandung

Mobile : 0896-4695-2193

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